Desiree’s aesthetic as a filmmaker can best be described as “female driven and imaginative”. While she tends to be drawn to comedy as her outlet of entertainment, her storytelling spans across all genres. She has a deep seeded love of fantastical premises that reflect on current social constructs.

Under the banner of her production company: Triple Click Productions, Desiree is developing several narrative projects with the goal of exploring the human condition through the female lens, while simultaneously stretching the imagination through a sense of heightened reality.


Short Concept Teaser for “Asphodel Drive”: A psychological fantasy thriller about depression, if depression literally manifested into a monster of Horror/Fantasy lore.

Written by, Directed By, & Edited by: Desiree Abeyta
Cinematography: Austin Lee Smoak


“Laverne & Shirley meets the Sopranos”: this award winning series created by Desiree Abeyta & Angelique Gray follow the high jinx of two sisters who unintentionally get employed by the Mob.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 1.46.36 PM

Created by: Angelique Gray & Desiree Abeyta.
Written by: Angelique Gray.
Directed by: Chris Crutchfield.
Edited by: Desiree Abeyta