“It is always a magnificent surprise when we expect something from a film and then a totally different outcome awaits us.”

“It is indeed obvious what the director’s influences are and that means she has succeeded in her vision”

Short Film Encounters Review “An Invitation to Tea” 2021


June is determined to protect her daughter from the arrival of the Fog: a menacing force that comes for young girls at a certain age. But when confronted with echoes of her own encounter, she struggles to suppress fears that her mother’s failures will become her own.

Written by Desirée Abeyta

Film is Currently in Pre-Production


Two actresses have made it to the final callbacks for the role of a lifetime: to play Anne Frank in an upcoming Broadway revival. But as the topic of color-blind casting makes its way into the audition room, a controversial conversation emerges.

Written by: Adi Eshman

Audience Choice Award – Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival 2022

Audience Choice Award – LA Diversity Film Festival 2022

Diversity in the Arts Award – LA Diversity Film Festival 2022

NYC Artist Corp Grant Recipient 2022

2023 Academy Awards “Best Live Action Short” qualifier – FYC

Official Selection – 16 Film Festivals and counting


A disheartened Millennial is encouraged to reconnect with the magical stories of her youth when she returns to her childhood home after the death of her grandfather.

Written by Desirée Abeyta & Angelique Gray

Audience Choice Award – Charlotte Film Festival 2020

Audience Choice Award – Blackbird Film Festival 2021

Female Filmmaker Award – Juggernaut Film Festival 2021

Best First Time Director Honorable Mention – Indie Shorts Awards NYC 2020

Best Sci/Fi Fantasy Film – Reale Film Festival 2021

Excellence in Filmmaking Award – Inwood Film Festival 2022

Official Selection – 22 Film Festivals